Shawn Kennedy – Research Specialist, Extension Assistant

Shawn grew up in suburban Connecticut where he developed an interest in nature while on hikes and extended backpacking trips with his family. He attended Central CT State University, Trinity College, and the University of CT, where he studied graphic design, illustration, theater arts, and entomology. Shawn and his wife Luma moved to NC in 2002, where he began working as a technician with the Entomology Department here at NCSU.  While working on a cooperative project between the Entomology and Bio. & Ag. Engineering departments, Shawn met Dr. Hunt who asked him to join the stormwater team! Since 2004, Shawn has used the skills he has learned from a wide variety of disciplines to lead and assist Grad. and PhD. students to design, construct, and install monitoring equipment at research sites across NC and the country. Perks of his job include surveying, construction oversight, plant and insect identification, particle size distribution soil testing, confined space entry, maintaining the team’s “Storm Wagon,” along with the vast collection of stormwater monitoring loggers, samplers, rain gages, solar panel arrays, materials and supplies, and a fleet of small engines. In his free time, Shawn enjoys disc golf, collecting insects, playing a variety of instruments, SCUBA diving, riding his scooter, and sharing his curiosity in the world with his son.